Trust has never been harder to come by. The pace of contextual change is a lived reality that makes healthcare professionals sceptical of new products and services, and nervous to take a leap and embrace something new. But every bias can be overcome by trust.

We build trust in our clients’ brands, products and services through the power of connection.

Driving resonance for them and engineering the context for growth – to inspire, educate and empower healthcare professionals.

We have the best team, offer, and way of working to not only navigate these complexities, but unlock the potential within them.

For our clients, and for the betterment of the whole healthcare profession and the patients it serves.

We go above and beyond to get to know and understand our clients and their ambitions, as well as our partners, and each other. We take great care in nurturing relationships.


Barker PR works as an extension of your team. We’re deeply committed to growing your reputation and creating connections with your audiences, meaningfully over time.

To shape perceptions and influence behaviour, you need to go beyond what’s been done before. We add value beyond a product or a service.

Our People

Gemma Barker

Founder & Managing Director

Worked in healthcare & dentistry for 21 years and founded Barker PR in 2014
07595 282678

I’m here to create PR strategy, initiating the biggest and best ideas to bring you closer to your audience to build trust and credibility in your brand. No matter how big or small your need is, you can be sure we can create a campaign that delivers impact. Approachable and very smiley – I’m here to chat any time.

Seb Evans

Senior Account Manager

Worked in healthcare & dentistry for 12 years and has been at BPR since 2023
07919 213165

I’m here as a point of contact and to ensure Barker PR meets all of our clients’ needs. I’m eager to hear your challenges and see how Barker PR can reach (and excel in meeting) your needs. We’re here as an extension to your own team, so feel free to include me in weekly meetings or team calls. I’m more than happy to meet up and talk through any requirements you may have.

Felicity Watson

Account Manager

Worked in healthcare & dentistry for 2 years and has been at BPR since 2022
07860 610265

I am the point of contact for all of our clients’ needs. From managing your output to implementing new ideas, I’m here to bounce ideas off and ensure everything is carried out and seen through to fruition, from everybody’s perspective. If you have a question or are not sure on the next steps to take, make sure you reach out and I’ll talk you through the process.

Nicola Kramer

Editorial Manager

Worked in healthcare & dentistry for 23 years and has been at BPR since 2014

I am the editorial manager at Barker PR. I will be involved with all aspects of article creation for you, including researching and writing your articles. As we regularly send a variety of written pieces and eCPD articles to leading dental publications, you can trust that we stay up to date with the latest in dentistry, making sure your content is interesting, engaging and inspiring.

Lauren Rooney

Social Media and Marketing Manager

Been at BPR since 2024

I’m here to ensure you are reaching your potential customers in the correct way and that your strategy is driven by insight, boosted by engaging content. I can ensure your budget and time isn’t wasted by ensuring all campaigns are executed with best-practice community management. I can also help clients deliver conversion and awareness through paid campaigns.

Karen Sherwood

Operations Manager

Worked in healthcare & dentistry for 24 years and has been at BPR since 2022

Operations Manager is the overarching term for everything I do. I’m the engine that keeps Barker PR running smoothly in the background. From booking hotels to ensuring your logos and graphics are printed correctly, I will be your point of contact to ensure if you’re meeting your clients, everything is as eye-catching and impressive as it could be!

Rhian Tarling

Head of Design

Worked in healthcare & dentistry for 10 years and has been at BPR since 2014

I am here to give your branding the platform it needs to shine. If you have an advert that needs designing, a website creating or an event that requires a little bit of flair to make it stand out more, reach out and we’ll showcase what we can do.

Romana Carter

Senior Designer

Worked in healthcare & dentistry for 2 years and has been at BPR since 2022

I’m here to help support Rhian with all your design needs and requirements, as well as adding an alternative option. Design can be very subjective and so it helps to have another eye on projects that can be so personal.

Susan Cole

Senior PR Consultant

Worked in PR for 20 years and has been at BPR since 2024

With decades of experience working in consumer PR, I can help to bring fresh ideas to elevate your brand. I’m here as a point of contact to bounce around new concepts, but also as a consultant to ensure you get the best results from your campaigns.

"Barker PR have been working alongside LISTERINE® to deliver the brand’s Professional PR and Marketing strategy for the past 10 years. From face to face events and namely our Dental Hygienist Roadshow, to industry partnerships and media content, they are a real driving force behind the brand and constantly looking for new ways in which we can diversify and move forwards. More so than just a PR agency, I consider Barker PR part of the LISTERINE® team."

Laura Woods, Senior Brand Manager, LISTERINE®

"From a press perspective, the Barker PR team couldn’t be easier to work with, supplying quality editorial copy that provides valuable insights to our readers, as well as facilitating interviews for use in print and across multimedia platforms."

James Cooke, Editor of The Probe and Smile Magazine, Purple Media

"I’ve worked with Barker PR for a number of years now, and for good reason. They just ‘get it’. From the tone and content to managing deadlines and being pro-active, there are few I’d rather work with. That’s testament to Gemma putting such a first-class team together!"

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