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We appreciate there are other PR agencies and freelancers focused on the dental industry, but there are a quite a few things that set Barker PR apart, making us the obvious choice when it comes to working with a partner to amplify your brand to the dental profession…

Dental industry experience – lots of it!

Our team has over 50 years of combined experience working in the dental industry. We completely understand the challenges and opportunities the profession faces, and possess the knowledge and creativity to help communicate how the brands we work with can meet those needs. We have built up an extensive network, maintaining great relationships with a wide variety of stakeholders within the dental industry and profession.

We are also the only PR and communications agency that is a member of dentistry’s trade association, the BDIA, adhering to its code of practice and engaging with other members to serve the profession to the highest possible standards.


“Barker PR has extensive knowledge and contacts in the dental industry, which have proved invaluable. Over the past six years, the Barker PR team have been a great support to us, and we have greatly benefited from their expertise and enthusiasm.”

Mark Topley - CEO - Bridge 2 Aid

A truly strategic approach

We don’t simply prescribe an editorial article every month in ‘XYZ’ magazine, alongside a half-page ad, press release and a couple of social media posts – that’s not PR. We take the time to dive into what your brand is trying to achieve and how best to communicate this to all the relevant stakeholders. We then formulate a strategic plan over the medium- to long-term and agree on KPIs. Thereafter, we utilise various channels and media to deliver stand-out content, always ensuring everything connects to achieve our agreed objectives.

“I have been using the services of Barker PR for several years. The quality of work, professional service, keeping to deadlines and ideas created by the team has been invaluable. I would not have grown as quickly or as successfully without their input. The Barker PR team always go the extra mile and nothing is too much for them.”

Harry Singh - Owner - Dental Property Club & Botulinum Toxin Training Club

Creative drive

The key to successful PR is to deliver your message in the most interesting, engaging and unique manner – content the dental profession is genuinely interested in, that resonates with them and ultimately inspires them to share with their peers. This requires creativity and we have bags of it!

“We enlisted the team for the official launch of the London Tooth Wear Centre. Driving awareness of tooth wear has always been our aim in both the consumer and professional fields and the team never fails to find new and inventive ways to ensure this is delivered both professionally and effectively.”

Professor Andrew Eder - Clinical Director - London Tooth Wear Centre

Social Media matters

That’s why we have a dedicated member of our team managing all things social media, ensuring we are fully able to leverage this powerful route to market and best manage relationships with KOLs and influencers to help amplify a brand’s key messages and nurture peer-led endorsement in an ethical manner.

“The Barker PR team is full of energy and ideas. They really take the time to understand what you’re trying to achieve as a business and formulate strategy to creatively get a brand’s key messages across to the dental profession. Importantly, they are able to react quickly and adjust to new challenges and opportunities that crop up.``

Janice Charlton - Head Business Development Manager - Patient Plan Direct

We are flexible and nimble

In this fast-paced and ever-changing world, there is every chance our plans and strategy will evolve and vary from time to time, ebbing and flowing to tackle new challenges or opportunities that arise. Whilst we may agree on a particular campaign and strategic direction with our clients, we are quick to react to change and pivot should the need arise. In order to ensure we best manage and account for this requirement, we always aim to meet with our clients regularly. We highly value facetime with our clients to ensure we build a deep understanding of their business and its associated stakeholders. This allows us to optimise the content and strategy we piece together

“Barker PR has extensive knowledge and contacts in the dental industry, which have proved invaluable. They have delivered outstanding results and are a pleasure to work with.”

Derek Hampton - General Manager, UK & Ireland - EMS UK


We want the brands we work with to excel and stand out from their competitors. This is why we operate a non-compete policy. We can’t put our heart and soul into working with two brands with a similar product or service and we think that’s a valuable point of view.

“Wonderful people to work with who truly add value to your activity, the team are always on hand to help with whatever is needed, willing to muck in and get the job done, but always focused on the strategic outcome; making sure every move is the right one for the business.”

Sian Grace - Branding and Communications Manager - Practice Plan


In 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019, our clients won ‘Best use of PR’ at the Dental Industry Awards. In 2020, we thought we would break the trend and give other agencies a chance, so we sponsored the awards instead. We have also helped our clients win a range of other awards, including ‘Brand of year’, ‘Business of the year’ and ‘Customer service provider of the year’.

“From the moment I first engaged with Barker PR, it was like a weight was lifted off my shoulders, and almost immediately we started to see the results from their dedication and hard work. Whether it's using the team for writing editorial, newsletters, content for our website or social media, Barker PR have the right people on hand to get the job done quickly, on brand and with a personal touch. On hand to listen to your business needs and create new ideas. They are part of my team at Hague. It’s been an absolute pleasure and I look forward to continuing to work with them to help build our ever growing brand. Thank you guys!”

Kirsty Hague - Marketing Director - Hague Dental Supplies

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