Barker PR sponsorship in support of the dental industry

Dental PR agency, Barker PR, is delighted to be a head sponsor of the 2020 Dental Industry Awards. It is a show of support to the industry in what has been an immensely challenging year.

Standing alongside the awards’ organiser FMC, and in association with the British Dental Industry Association (BDIA). It has never been more important to recognise those who have overcome adversity and to channel positivity within our sector.

Gemma Barker, managing director of Barker PR, says: ‘So many in the dental industry have gone above and beyond this year to ensure that both service levels and support remain strong for our professional colleagues.

‘As we enter another lockdown this week, these awards, and their recognition of the incredible efforts made by so many, provide a much-needed boost to the industry as we continue to stand united in our efforts to support the dental profession to the best of our ability.’

The Dental Industry Awards in the UK celebrate, acknowledge and reward achievements within the dental industry.

Edmund Proffitt, chief executive of the BDIA, says: ‘As the industry association we are again pleased to support the Dental Industry Awards this year. Especially as, more than ever, we should unite to support one another.

‘It is important to acknowledge the significant efforts that organisations have made to provide outstanding service to dental practices in very challenging circumstances.

‘As always, our efforts to support our industry, in order that it can best support dental practices is our complete focus. To have an afternoon recognising those who excel is a welcome break for us all to enjoy.’

The virtual Dental Industry Awards will start live streaming at 4.30pm on Wednesday 4 November. It is available on

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