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Barry OultonWisdom and The Confident Dentist are delighted to announce their new collaboration, working together on a highly innovative educational campaign to support dental professionals to encourage habit change in patients.

Experts in oral care and working for improved oral health, Wisdom is dedicated to delivering leading-edge products across the UK, meeting all of a family’s oral hygiene needs.

Agreeing wholeheartedly with this commitment, Dr Barry Oulton, a practising dentist and founder of The Confident Dentist Academy, is a long-term customer of Wisdom and has been recommending Wisdom Oral Care products to his patients for over 20 years.

He believes that the key to maintaining a successful at-home oral care regime is through the development and encouragement of habit change in patients by reinforcing and embedding unconscious patterns of behaviour, developed through frequent and positive repetition.

Working together therefore represents the ideal evolution for both parties in this educational endeavour, since The Confident Dentist offers a set of teachable techniques to help dentistry professionals improve the way they communicate with patients, while Wisdom, committed to improving oral health across the UK, provides the ‘tool kit’ to execute habit change. Combined, they offer a powerful tool in helping to support your patients in achieving their long-term oral care goals.

With this in mind, a webinar dedicated to habit change, presented by Dr Oulton, will be available later in the year.

In addition, further topics that will be covered during this partnership will include adopting a successful mindset, building rapport with patients, how to use language to best effect, and meta programmes (i.e. mental processes that manage, guide and direct other mental processes), as well as further information on habit formation and change.

Dr Oulton will be speaking on these important issues at the Dentistry Show on Friday 17th May and the BSDHT Conference on Friday 22nd November in a presentation entitled ‘The Wisdom of Great Oral Hygiene Habits’.

For more information on the range of products offered by Wisdom, please visit https://wisdom-toothbrushes.com

For further details about Dr Barry Oulton and The Confident Dentist, visit https://www.theconfidentdentist.com


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