LISTERINE® Professional team scoops the hat trick with a third ‘Best use of PR’ award


The LISTERINE® Professional team at Johnson & Johnson is delighted to announce they have won the ‘Best Use of PR’ category at the Dental Industry Awards for the third year running.

‘Best Use of PR’ was awarded to Johnson & Johnson in recognition of the OH! (oral health) Challenge and OH! Panel two-year campaign.

The OH! Challenge was launched at the 2017 British Dental Association Conference where 464 dental health care professionals (DHCPs) were surveyed on 14 key oral health topics to provide valuable data on where current professional knowledge levels fall. A tailored programme of communications was then developed to bring knowledge levels fully up to date.

In light of the knowledge gaps revealed by 2017’s OH! Challenge, 2018 was the year of The OH! Panel. It featured a gathering of key opinion leaders to discuss the results of The OH! Challenge and to see how, in light of these and the current oral health landscape, involved parties might be able to work together to better support DHCPs and, in turn, improve patients’ oral health.

Moving beyond the OH! Panel event, Johnson & Johnson has been working with the panel’s key opinion leaders, to progress and build upon the discussions and ideas brought to the fore. This has consisted of reporting on the event itself and using the information gathered to create a programme of carefully tailored oral health-related articles.

Johnson & Johnson also won the ‘Marketing Campaign of the Year’ category for the second year running, again recognising their innovative e-learning programme, which extends the company’s educational reach to DHCPs in relation to oral health issues.

Speaking about these successes, Georgina Muhlberg, LISTERINE® Professional Brand Manager, commented: ‘It’s been hard work but incredibly rewarding. Working with such an influential group of key opinion leaders in dentistry to ensure we are best supporting the educational needs of DHCPs in the UK has been a privilege. Adding that third award to our growing collection is a thrill that we’d be delighted to share with anyone who cares to visit our offices.’

Anne Evans, Head of Professional Development, added : ‘These awards reflect the hard work and dedication our whole team put into communicating effectively with dental professionals. We are proud to be playing a part in improving the oral health of the nation and are delighted to be recognised for those efforts.’

Johnson & Johnson look forward to an exciting 2019, where they will continue to develop inventive and engaging means by which to promote both the brand and educational messages, in furtherance of their commitment to supporting the profession. For more information, please visit

LISTERINE® Professional PR in the UK is managed by Barker PR. A team of talented, passionate and experienced people with a fresh approach to communications, they develop highly valuable strategies for client engagement.

The e-detail aid was developed and managed by Four Health Media.


From left to right: Anne Evans, Georgina Muhlberg and Gemma Barker.
From left to right: Anne Evans, Georgina Muhlberg and Gemma Barker.

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