Gemma’s Sugar Blog : I need to confess

prayer-2544994_1920I’ve now done two weeks sugar free. And I need to be honest about two things.

Firstly, I’ve cheated.

Secondly, I’m struggling.

There we go – now that’s out can I eat something sweet please?

Well it’s not like I’ve eaten a bar of chocolate or an ice cream but last week I did crave cake and so made myself a sugar free banana cake. All of which is allowed. Except for, well, the banana. But hey, can I really feel bad about one little banana? Maybe not. But then I did make a second cake, due to consuming the first one in record time and I’m not ENTIRELY sure where the second one went…but it’s no longer with us.

While I’m confessing, I also had Diet Coke AND ate sushi (the type with white rice) at my godson’s christening. And when I say I ate it, I ate it like I used to eat chocolate. By gorging on it, a lot of it.

Then when I got home I had a halloumi toastie.


So basically what I did was opened Pandora’s box, and along with that first taste of something sweet (banana), I then needed something else to feed my addiction, and then something else, and then more.

So the moral of this story is. Follow the rules Gemma.

Yesterday (back on the wagon), was hard as I was hungry, really hungry again. So staying on the straight and narrow felt like a struggle again.

But now today I feel back to it, with lessons learned.

I have the Dentistry Show at the end of this week, and I’m not entirely sure the NEC will cater for this discipline so I will be armed with everything in my power to get through it and will feed back next week.

If anyone is thinking – one banana, sushi, Diet Coke – that’s not bad?! Watch ‘That Sugar Thing’ – and it puts it all into perspective, while explaining why all sugar feeds this ‘more more more’ mentality and stops us feeling full. It’s really interesting.

More next week.


P.S 7 weeks alcohol free (hurrah!)

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