Posted on May 26, 2017

Take The Oral Health Challenge

johnson-and-johnson-logoYesterday, Johnson & Johnson, the makers of LISTERINE®, launched The Oral Health (OH) Challenge at the 2017 British Dental Conference and Exhibition.


The OH Challenge is a simple survey tool created for dental health care

professionals to test their knowledge in relation to soft tissue health and preventive

care, and to identify any gaps in current professional knowledge.


We want you to take part, so we cordially invite all delegates to stand C13 to

complete this important survey challenge. Your involvement and the results

gathered will help create bespoke articles for the dental profession, designed to

increase understanding of these all-important issues.


The OH Challenge is supported by Iain Chapple, Professor of Periodontology,

Consultant in Restorative Dentistry and Head of the School of Dentistry at the

University of Birmingham, and Julie Rosse, a past President of the British Society of

Dental Hygiene and Therapy and practicing hygienist.


Professor Iain Chapple commented, ʻThe OH Challenge is an educational initiative

for the oral healthcare team at all levels, to help individuals identify any gaps in their

knowledge and follow-up with the subsequent educational material that will be rolled

out throughout 2017. I genuinely believe this will help all clinicians to remain up to



Julie Rosse added: ʻI am sure we all like to think that we strive to stay up to date with

current concepts and thinking but, indeed, how do we know if our sources of

information are the latest available and evidence-based? This simple survey

challenges what every clinician truly knows about soft tissue health, whilst the

content that follows will help you to manage your patientsʼ oral health.ʼ


The OH Challenge is available online for all dental health care professionals. Please

visit  now to test your own knowledge and follow the

supporting programme of evidence-based content that will be released in instalments

over the course of the year.


For more information on LISTERINE® please visit







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