Posted on November 6, 2014

Looking after your teeth this Christmas

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Did you know that festive fare, including that lovely Christmas tipple, can damage your teeth?

Alcohol is acidic and wears away your teeth, especially when consumed frequently, in large quantities over an extended period of time. According to the charity Addaction, alcohol consumption in Britain increases by 40% in December, so you can see that there is a real issue at Christmas time.

Tooth wear is an increasingly common dental problem that may, over time, result in an unattractive dentition, with short as well as rough or sensitive teeth. If left to continue its damaging course, teeth may require extensive restorative treatment further down the line.

‘Tis the season to be jolly so we don’t want you to feel like you have to miss out but, to help prevent tooth wear, try to:

• Drink alcoholic drinks through a straw to direct liquid to the back of the mouth and avoid swishing drinks around the mouth

• Avoid fizzy and fruit juice mixers

• Drink water between alcoholic beverages

• Chew sugar-free, xylitol- or sorbitol-sweetened gum to help neutralise acid in the mouth

• Never brush teeth immediately after an alcoholic drink but wait at least an hour

• Use a fluoride mouthrinse throughout the day

• Use a toothpaste low in abrasivity and a soft toothbrush.

If you have any concerns about tooth wear or would simply like some preventive advice, visit, email or call 020 7486 7180.


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