Posted on October 6, 2014

Miss World Hopeful Braced for Success Thanks to Scottish Dental Treatment

A Miss World contestant has flown half way across the world for pioneering cosmetic dental treatment in Edinburgh, ahead of taking part in the global beauty pageant. 01 Miss Singapore Win The Miss Singapore World title holder will undergo high speed teeth straightening work from Scottish dentist Biju Krishnan, inventor of the Cfast dental brace system. Dalreena Poonam Gill, 20, hopes the revolutionary, quick-results treatment will enhance her chances of being crowned Miss World at the glamorous London ceremony in December. Dad of three and Dundee University graduate Dr Krishnan has already seen his Cfast system adopted by thousands of dentists and it has been used by celebrities including Holly Willoughby, singer Alexandra Burke and a number of reality TV stars including those from TOWIE and Geordie Shore. He said: “The Cfast system is taking off all over the world, but we’re not yet fully up and running in South East Asia. So when Dalreena sought treatment from a colleague in Singapore, he referred her to me.” Student Dalreena, who was crowned Miss Singapore World last month, will have a computerised scan taken of her teeth, before a customised dental brace is created for her using state of the art 3D printing technology. The near invisible brace will then be fitted to the inside of her teeth, another innovation Cfast boasts, with nothing visible on the outside. While finished results normally take three to six months, she will already have a noticeably straighter smile by the time of the Miss World competition at ExCel London on December 15. Dr Krishnan added: “Dalreena’s a pleasure to work with, so I hope the treatment will help her chances of winning. Whatever the result I can say with certainty that she will be happier with her smile after just a few months with the Cfast system.” Dr Krishnan came up with the Cfast concept in 2009 because his patients had only two options when seeking dental improvements – either having their own teeth cut and drilled down for veneers, or undergoing expensive and lengthy orthodontic treatment. He added: “Most adults with crooked teeth, gaps or similar minor problems just live with it because the treatments available are too invasive, too costly or take too long. “That’s because most teeth-straightening systems are actually based on rather complex orthodontic treatments. But Cfast is purely cosmetic and focused mainly on the front teeth. “It is perfect for adults who simply want to improve their smile and want it to be quick, painless, discreet and affordable.” After securing a corporate partner in Gary Dickenson, Dr Krishnan launched Cfast in 2011. Because it has none of the orthodontic complexities associated with other braces, the system is easy to learn and use for dentists in general practice. As a result it is already one of the most widely used systems in the UK and has also been adopted in 20 other countries. Delivering results in just three to six months, it costs between £1500 to £3000, while other systems cost £4500 to £8000 and can take up to two years. As well as being nearly invisible, another benefit of the Cfast system is that it never requires teeth to be extracted. However, it is only available to adults, with the vast majority being suitable for the treatment. Dalreena, who was urged to take up beauty competitions after being crowned her high school prom queen, is currently studying for a diploma in counselling and eventually wants to join the Singapore Police Force. She is delighted to be undergoing the Cfast treatment at the plush Lubiju Dental practice in Leith, which Dr Krishnan established in 2008. She said: “I have always wanted to have straighter teeth so was looking into treatments available, but they seemed to take a very long time. “My dentists in Singapore recommended Cfast and sponsored me to come and be treated by Dr Krishnan himself. It is very exciting and I have loved visiting Edinburgh. “I couldn’t believe it when I won the Miss Singapore World title last month, because there were 19 contestants. I have to admit it is pretty daunting that I’ll now be taking part in the Miss World competition. “The judges look at so many criteria so it will be reassuring for me to know that I will be able to smile with real confidence. Hopefully that will help me to relax and enjoy the whole, amazing experience.” Miss Singapore, LeithFurther details on the Cfast system, including case studies and before and after results are available at

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