Posted on November 6, 2013

Get straight to the point with buried implants

The Pointer is a breakthrough innovation, offering a new way to detect the exact location of buried implants under soft tissue without the need for an invasive procedure.

The Pointer uses a straightforward indicator system that enables the dentist to locate the exact position of the implant quickly and easily – with no need to raise a flap. When swept over the patient’s gum during second-stage surgery, The Pointer uses a green light to indicate an implant’s position. If The Pointer is moved just a fraction away from the implant in any direction the light turns off.  Once located, simply use a tissue punch or, to save tissue, perform a cross incision to gain access.

The Pointer also enables the dentist to administer a reduced dose of anaesthetic, treatment time is halved, there is no need to suture the gum, and the possibility of post-treatment complications is considerably reduced.

‘The Pointer is like a metal detector which shows you exactly where the implant is. It is very useful in cases where the implant is buried, especially where the patient is wearing dentures during the healing process,’ says Graham Browning, Director and Principal Dentist at South Coast Dental Specialists in Wimbourne in Dorset.

The Pointer is available in the UK from Prestige Dental. For more information, please call 01274 721 567or email

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