Posted on October 9, 2010

Septodont Assures Customers its Anaesthetics are 100% Latex Free

Septodont, the UK’s leading supplier of dental anaesthetics, is reassuring customers of their commitment to producing 100% latex free dental anaesthetic.

Septodont is the global leader in dental anaesthesia and ensures that all of its products have no contact with latex at any stage in their production, including the manufacturing process, to guarantee the highest level of safety possible.

In much the same way as traces of nuts in food can cause severe reactions in people with nut allergies, even a small amount of contact with latex could potentially contaminate a product and put susceptible patients at risk.

Septodont believes that the dental industry has a social responsibility to put patient safety first and as a pharmaceutical company has stringent processes in place to make sure this is a number one priority with all of its products.

Users of Septodont anaesthetic can rest assured that all UK product has not come into contact with any latex containing materials even during the manufacturing process.

For specific confirmation contact Septodont’s Regulatory Department on 01622 695 520, email or visit

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